Vedrenne Cocktail Grand Prix 2014
Drinks Fellas has been plying the discerning liquor connoisseurs of Singapore with the choicest of spirits since the company’s inception in 2003. Not satisfied with the generic offerings so easily obtained in many of Singapore’s retailers and licensed establishments at that time, the team at Drinks Fellas set ourselves the challenge of scouring the globe in search of unique spirits with…well…spirit!

Through sheer determination and of course a real passion for the finest products, Drink Fellas’ crack three-man team (ok, well one’s a woman!) have worked tirelessly to ensure that only the choicest liquors are chosen. The rigidity of the tasting regimen is not for the faint hearted and it is with tenacity, aplomb and in some cases, total disregard for our own sobriety, that we subjected our palates to what can only be described as a multigrain onslaught of hops, malt, corn, barley and other various natural commodities!

In order to ensure that the finest products could be procured for our customers (who also receive our expert recommendation, along with tasting notes), a great deal of effort was put into our blind tasting technique! This was not easy and you can rest assured that for every quality brand that is distributed by us, we had to taste a few stinkers too! Oh, yeah, I said it wasn’t easy.

Our tenacity and zeal also extends to building a discerning customer base, and over the years we have learned a great deal about our customer’s needs; being able to provide for those needs and deliver beyond expectation is what we continually strive for. Never wanting to “sit on our laurels” we have found that by scratching our customer’s backs, they do the same for us! We have even engaged in charitable activities such as helping people across the road…and straight in to the shop for tasting purposes!!

However, the result of all of this hard work has paid off, as last years balance sheet attests to an annual turnover of S$4m. This shows that listening to what our customers really want pays off and spurs us on to continue to bring to Singapore the very best of the best; connecting those of us who really appreciate “a fine drink” with the real “Wheat amongst the chaff.”

We are justly proud of all of the brands that we are privileged to represent and so now, among a list of over 300 products that adorn our shelves you can find Single Malt whisky from BenRiach and Tullibardine, as well as Brazil’s Cachaca 61 and Tequila Corralejo. We believe that products such as these represent the very best of what their region has to offer in terms of quality, value for money and of course…Taste!

So, the next time you feel a hankering to be lost in the wilderness of the Scottish Highlands, feel the Tijuana sun beat down on your sombrero or even dance with the little green fairy….come and find us…we have just the thing!

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